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Old 2006-12-08, 20:08
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Leaves Eyes + Blind Guardian

Just saw this show in Orlando. Gonna give yall a little review here.

The show opened up with a band called "Leaves Eyes"

I had no previously heard of this band, however I did a little research before the show, and found out it was a melodic type band, with a female singer...similar to Nightwish.

As for Blind Guardian...well we know who they are

The Synopsis:

Alright...Leaves Eyes was...Iffy. The music wasn't horrible, but for once, it was actually better on the album. The main vocalist (the female) had some issues reaching her guess is just because they are probably not used to a tour as long as this one.

My main complaint with Leaves Eyes actually had little to do with the band, as much as the sound setup. The bass was horribly overpowered, you couldn't hear the secondary vocalist at all (the growler), and the drummer was using electric drums (the hell?). For the most part, the crowd didn't really get into them that much. The floor was alot of standing and looking around. By the time they got to the last song though, people started to get into the groove a bit more. The last song that Leaves Eyes opened with was one called "Elegy". In all honesty, it was the best song they played, and people really got into it.

Leaves Eyes all in all wasn't bad, but I wasn't entirely satisfied either. I have a feeling if I had caught them earlier in the tour, with a better setup, it would have been much more engaging.


Well, this was BG's first show in Orlando, and I have to preface by saying it was fucking epic. The sound was nearly perfect, the light show was amazing etc. The crowd was great too, everyone singing, but generally calm, no moshing or anything...just good ol' fashion headbanging. Very honestly it was one of the best shows I've ever been to.

The one complaint I did have, which isn't even entirely legit, is the fact that Hansi's voice kept cracking when he was trying to hit his high notes...but I'd say that thats pretty understandable, what with the constant touring and all.

The best thing about the show was the setlist. It had pretty much all the greats.

01. War of Wrath
02. Into the Storm
03. Born in a Mourning Hall
04. Nightfall
05. The Script for My Requiem
06. Fly
07. Bright Eyes
08. Valhalla
09. Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)
10. Welcome to Dying
11. Skalds and Shadows
12. Another Stranger Me
13. And Then There Was Silence

14. Imaginations from the Other Side
15. The Bard's Song
16. Mirror Mirror

As with all BG shows, Bard's Song was absolutely enthralling live. Lighters in the air, everyone singing. Amazing.

Another great happening at the show was after Valhalla, the song closes out with a slow chant of "Valhalla, deliverance, have you ever forgotten me?", and for a good few minutes after the song, the crowd just kept singing. It was great. Hansi just kept looking at everyone like "What the hell? This is new..", and at one point, the whole band sat down on the drum stand and listened to everyone sing. Once it finally faded out, he got up on the mic and yelled "YOU GUYS FUCKING ROCK!". Pretty awesome.

Every song was pretty much flawless, and it was a great show. Today is the day after, my neck hurts like a bitch, and my voice is pretty much gone

All in all, I say if you get a chance to see BG live, if this tour stops near you or whatnot...It's definitely worth the cash for the tickets.

Die for Honor, Die for Glory, Death in Fire.

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