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Old 2006-11-27, 23:37
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I'm thinking about buying this small ass amp. Check out the specs on it

I'm pretty much a n00b when it comes to buying amps so can anyone tell me if this is a decent buy? When your veiwing the specs click "More..." at the bottom to see the rest of them.

Edit: I have a bigger amp but i need something to carry around and jam a little.
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Old 2006-11-28, 03:15
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I dont know much about Zoom amps, but i have tried one of their pedals and it was pretty shitty... really hard to tweak too... But hey, if its just for practicing, does it really matter if it can achieve a super amazing tone? Plus theres like a billion effects in it that you can fuck with... you could make a prog rock band!
For combo reccomendations, i'd have to say peavey rage 112, its cheap as hell and has great high gain... my friend uses hers for classic rock, when i had one i used it for black metal. Its damn sweet.
For portable crap, get a smoky amp or a pignose... something to fit on your beltclip.. then get a guitar with super high output pickups, dime the gain and the volume. BRUTAL AS FUCK!
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