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Old 2006-11-17, 13:26
ZRO's Avatar
Senior Metalhead
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This album is nothing short of amazing.

What do the metaltabbers think?
Old 2006-11-17, 13:31
brainsforbreakfast's Avatar
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I like pandemonic incantations more.
Originally Posted by Darko
Originally Posted by Requiem
Why would you sig that?
Why not? Why would you sig me saying that I hate you? I was serious there, too.

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Old 2006-11-17, 13:34
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At first, I didnt care too much for Behemoth (i saw glimpses of them at the Morbid Angel show I went to awhile back), but then I started listening to Demigod more often (since its the only material i have of theirs). So now I'm beginning to like them more.
Old 2006-11-17, 17:39
Transient's Avatar
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demigod is good but zos was better. excited to hear what the future brings
Old 2006-11-17, 18:22
Ten Ton Alien's Avatar
Ten Ton Alien
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Originally Posted by Transient
excited to hear what the future brings

sucking Karl Sanders dick again?
Old 2006-11-17, 19:09
davie_gravy's Avatar
Metal As Fuck!
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Haven't heard of Behemoth till recently (this year), but I absolutely love it. Very agressive and brutal shit.
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Old 2006-11-17, 19:28
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I've always loved Behemoth (at least since Pandemonic, but their old shit's cool too), and the Demigod album is definitely a DM masterpiece, but what the fuck is going on with Nergal's vocals? He used to sound awesome, but now he sounds so uninteligible, that it just makes me not like it. What a waste of a good thing.
Old 2006-11-17, 20:05
The Doctor's Avatar
The Doctor
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yeah i like demigod very much
Old 2006-11-17, 22:20
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Originally Posted by brainsforbreakfast
I like pandemonic incantations more.

Right fucken on.

And Demigod? Blah, think it's quite weak.
Old 2006-11-17, 22:32
Carl's Avatar
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Location: Sweden , Gothenburg
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Demigod is awesome but Thelema.6 is better
Old 2006-11-17, 22:42
Transient's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: slaying all the giants
Posts: 9,967
Originally Posted by Ten Ton Alien
sucking Karl Sanders dick again?

Old 2006-11-17, 22:55
Blood Red Bass's Avatar
Blood Red Bass
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I thought Demigod was the best. Though his vocals aren't very intelligable, it's death metal, so no tears here. The production is giant, the lyrics don't become a self-parody by reading off autopsy reports in an angry gurgle, and above all, the songs stick with you.
Originally Posted by Darko
Compare these people to the norm, say, Muhammed SuiÁmez for instance who seems to think that lots of poorly strung together riffs spaced awkwardly around fancy monotonous sweeps covers up the fact that his ideas and songs are really quit boring.
Old 2006-11-18, 02:36
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i like Zos Kia Cultus. Demigod kicks ass too
Originally Posted by Paddy
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Old 2006-11-19, 20:58
New Blood
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Pretty fond of each in some way or another. Pandemonic Incantations was indeed great. Demigod was an amazing album though, coming from several points of view. I thought it had a larger "Epic" feel to it and the vocal delivery was excellent as they used everyones vocal ability and had some very intense parts with that alone. Inferno only gets better each album as far as i'm concerned although Zos did have some insane parts..and the production and guitar work I thought were best on Demigod. I was proud with the album, probably my favorite of them..

Apparantly on the next cd there is supposed to be some epic song that's really said Nergal which is different for Behemoth. I'm anxious.

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