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Old 2006-11-11, 17:18
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Sh!t V!per
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Your opinions of Peavey Windsor

I was browsing musicians friend for amp heads can came across this:

How do you think this compares to a jcm800 or a 5150. . . uses the same power tubes as a jcm, not too sure what tubes are in a 5150. Has high gain and low gain inputs.
Old 2006-11-12, 20:49
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I wonder how this sounds too, looks interesting
Old 2006-11-12, 21:10
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i dno only 1 channel, doesnt seem promising to me at all, theres a lot of amps that have proven to be good amps over the years, so unless you can try one out for yourself somewhere i wouldnt even think about that amp

< no wonder hes mad!!

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