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Old 2006-10-26, 05:09
Cunty Shunt's Avatar
Cunty Shunt
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Carcass fans...and those looking for something new.

Someone from Carcass has actually made me like something done by them.

Check out Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers' - Welcome To Carcass Cuntry. It's a bunch of country covers by Walker and some German guys, but it's actually pretty fucking good.

I don't have a link, but you can just Google it or something.
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Old 2006-10-26, 10:10
The Doctor's Avatar
The Doctor
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i just read a review about it, seems interesting
Old 2006-10-26, 11:47
Dahmers Fridge's Avatar
Dahmers Fridge
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Here you go a link to his myspace page.
Not too sure myself about the country and western stuff I can't imagine wanting to listen to it more than once, after that the jokes been spent.
Old 2006-10-26, 12:01
fatdanny's Avatar
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hahaha, that "isobel" track on their myspace is fucking awful. That girl can't sing for shit.

The country one sucks throbbing, sweaty balls.

The other two are ok, not very imaginative.
Old 2006-10-26, 20:25
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I really liked the "Onward Christian" track; the others don't seem like much. I'm a rabid Bjork fan and the Isobel cover was interesting. Not liking her vocals is different from her actually not being able to sing, which she can.
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