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Old 2002-09-25, 01:50
Clad in Shadows
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Cky - Idr

Anyone here listen to Camp Kill Yourself? Not metal but really cool stuff... new album just came out today! Check it out if you haven't they have some really cool stuff..
Old 2002-09-25, 02:19
HYPOCRISY 666's Avatar
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are those the guys from jackass and if they are they suck.....

Old 2002-09-25, 02:21
PST 88's Avatar
PST 88
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It's at least Johnny Knoxville from Jackass, dunno about the others.

I'm gonna leave this one up to sane, as I dont know where this forum stands on non-metal bands.
Old 2002-09-25, 21:42
Clad in Shadows
Senior Metalhead
Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 415
they have songs that are on Jackass... The drummer is Bam Margera's brother who is on jackass... they have nothing to do with jackass though...

Brett Hoffman supposively yells on one of the tracks "Sporadic Movement" I dunno if it is offical yet but that was the plan and there's some good yelling at the end that sounds like him..
Old 2002-09-27, 00:26
ramy sidky
New Blood
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this site is all about metal , dude
Old 2002-09-27, 08:28
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You gamma-minus fucktards
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Posts: 4,674 Forum > Metal > Bands > Cky - Idr

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