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Old 2002-09-22, 07:25
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Down Man Punches Adema Member

At about 11:30 Monday night, a few of the band members and crew were hanging
out next to the ill nino bus, where a BBQ was happening. At about that time
Marky Chavez and one of the guitarists for Adema rolled past in a golf cart,
“about a bottle of Crown Royal to the wind”. The reportedly drunk duo
from Adema proceeded to the tourbus housing the members of Down, which was
near by.

A few minutes later the Adema guitarist emerged from the Down tour bus with
a bloody mouth and proceeded to throw a glass bottle across the parking lot
in anger according to an eyewitness.

Then the members of Adema descended on the scene ready for a fight,
apparently looking “for who punched their boy in the mouth”. The members
of Down and their entourage aren’t exactly small guys so it took a lot of
liquid courage to confront them. Then things turned to a yelling match with
Marky Chavez yelling for the guitarist from down to “come down off the
bus”. By this time most of the people backstage had gathered around to
watch the mayhem unfold.

The yelling from the Adema camp apparently worked because soon Pepper and
Phil Anselmo came off their bus to confront their antagonist. Pepper playing
the calm cool and collective music and touring veteran took Marky aside to
try and discuss the situation with him without resorting to violence.

Then the head of security "Big Val" showed up and apparently things calmed
down at that point with each band going back to their tour buses to cool
off. So a major rumble was just barely averted backstage at Ozzfest but you
can be sure there will be no love lost between the members of Down and Adema
from this point on.

anyone hear about this? I thought it was pretty interesting....Down Rules
Old 2002-09-22, 07:36
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yeah, this happened awhile back. woulda been better if phil had killed someone, preferably Varg.
Old 2002-09-22, 07:43
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PST 88
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Did I ever say Pepper Keenan's the man? Not for that, but just in general. I probably did, but just in case anyone missed it: Pepper's the man. Varg is not.

And yeah, this is sorta old news. I'd say the rest of adema needs a beat down too, but since I stopped paying attention to 90% of easily-accesible music, I have no idea who they are or how much they suck.

Also, let me repeat: Varg is NOT the man. PEPPER is. Everyone got it? Good.
Old 2002-09-22, 08:06
The Crying Orc
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Actually they're both pretty stupid, so is Phil.

Luc Lemay will kill them all.
or preferably Don Decker.
Old 2002-09-22, 08:10
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PST 88
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Don Dekker the reggae guy? Oh yeah, brutal, dude. HA! Musicians dont kill people, murderers do. Doesnt anyone fuckin notice the distinction between talkin bout shit and doin shit?

And, by the way, next time you have a post that has nothing to do with the thread but one in which, instead, you act a dumbass who shits on the topic indiscriminately, it'll be deleted.

And, for the record, I know you aint talkin bout the reggae guy, fucknuts.

Last edited by PST 88 : 2002-09-22 at 08:15.

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