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Old 2006-09-17, 21:42
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im thinking about getting a 6505 amp, and i just wanted to know how much it differs from the 6505+.

the 6505 is 679 and the 6505+ is 999.
i just wanted to know whether its worth paying the extra 320 ($600) for the differences.

how does the distortion differ? which is more "brutal"? how are the cleans?

the music i mostly play are songs from KsE, slayer, slipknot (im not your typical "maggot"), necrophagist, cryptopsy, trivium, chimaira, nile, cannibal corpse, machinehead, metallica etc.
i will be using a mahogany bodied guitar with emgs (81/89).
will this amp be suitable for my guitar and musical taste? the clean channel isnt important, but it would be nice to have a good clean channel.

thanks for you help, and sorry for my n00bish-ness. and sorry if this is the 50th time this thread has been made.

Old 2006-09-18, 01:50
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hey dudder, i got the 6505+ and a buddy of mine has the normal 6505. with the + you loose a bit of the gain but the 6505's have well enough gain no matter what so u just gotta turn it up a bit more. the cleans are all-right i guess. you got to know how to dial them in right. if you throw a chours infront of it, its a beautiful tone. now with that being said alot of guys say if u put a chours infront of the 6505 then the cleans will be just as good. some guys will say go with the 6505 cause of its tone, but i think you can get the exact same tone with the + and have the other clean channel too.
Old 2006-09-18, 04:08
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when you think 6506 think 5150... that means EVH.

Now, im not sure how well your into van halen, but if nugent, kreator, (older) inflames, arch enemy, and ALOT of brutal-melodic death metal players (with alot of other thrash metal and what not) use one, then im SURE you can get the tone you want.

IMO i like a XXX more (but the cleans are NOT the best, you will need something to make a XXX sing better for cleans) becasue its more "refined", 6505's are next on my peavey list... I almost got one over a XXX once, but its more "raw" sounding, and i liked my X2N with the XXX better then the 5150/6505. But when i played a 6505 an a 6505+ next to each other, i would get the 6505 over the 6505+.

all in all... save the extra $ and get drunk or buy new pick-ups (or whatever you kids do in your spare time) and grab the 6505.
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Old 2006-09-18, 13:12
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that's a load of cash just for a + sign.
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Old 2006-09-18, 14:32
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the + model has an extra preamp.... 6 as opposed to 5 12AX7's.
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Old 2006-09-18, 19:44
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the 6505+/5150II has two eq sections, instead of shared eq like the 6505/5150. so it's better to dail in a good clean/crunch tone and lead tone with no sacrifice.

it also has one more preamp tube. yet less gain because the preamp tubes are used in different ways. so the lead and rythem/clean channels have 6 gain stages(which is insane) on the 6505/5150. but on the 6505+/5150II's the lead channel has 5 gain stages(still a ton) and the rythem/clean channel have 3 gain stages.

here's a simple picture from jerryp's website that explains what each preamp tube is used for. each half of a tube is a gain stage.

here in the usa the 6505 and 6505+ are like within $50 of each other so it's no biggy. but if you have whats equal to $600usd worth of difference between them. i'd say just go with the 6505. a used one at that.
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Old 2006-09-18, 20:26
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jesus, a 600 dollar difference?

get the 6505. it's not much different and seperate EQ is NOT worth 600

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Old 2006-09-20, 13:07
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or alas, a 6505 and a Pod pro.

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