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Old 2006-09-10, 18:28
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i went to gigantour 2 yesterday

it was pretty great, it was kind of short though, it started at 6:30 and got out at around 11:30, which really isnt that long since there were 5 bands.
yeah in san diego they didnt have a side stage for some reason which means i missed out on some generic hardcore garbage ;_;, but still got to see overkill .
as for the bands, overkill was good but their set could have been a hell of a lot better. they didn't play anything from Taking over, and played i think one song from under the influence. the rest were from their newer cd's which were alright but not as good as the old stuff. blitz still sounded good but if i hadn't heard of overkill before i saw them i would have thought they were generic. and that's coming from a pretty big overkill fan, i just didnt like their set.

arch enemy was surprisingly good, i was expecting some nu-metal crap with the "chick singer" gimmick. they actually kicked some ass though, and you cant beat watching a metal chick thats actually hot, although i'd have to say shes not quite as hot as mustaine.

opeth sucked ass. it sounded like an all-girl dream theater cover band, only they didn't know how to play the fast parts so they left them out. and they didn't move at all, which was the perfect opportunity to go buy some 18 dollar nachos.

lamb of god was average. it sounded like your typical nu-death metal but some of the riffs stood out which made it listenable. wasnt as bad as i thought it was gonna be, but wasn't that good either.

megadeth of course kicked ass, their stuff off blackmail the universe still holds up to the rest of their set, which is cool. plus they threw in set the world afire and take no prisoners which was awesome, although they didnt play anything off killing is my business. the pyrotechnics kicked ass too, they threw em in at the perfect moments like in die dead enough, the part "my heart is beating like a drum... BOOM" rocked my sphincter pretty hard. once again dave didnt dissapoint and i got what i paid for.
Old 2006-09-10, 18:49
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Originally Posted by SkelatorOfSteel
opeth sucked ass. it sounded like an all-girl dream theater cover band, only they didn't know how to play the fast parts so they left them out. and they didn't move at all, which was the perfect opportunity to go buy some 18 dollar nachos.


I'd love to see Megadeth, Overkill, and Arch Enemy. I hope Gigantour comes to NY again.
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Old 2006-09-12, 18:53
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Opeth and MegaDeth would be the only reasons to go.
Old 2006-09-14, 07:39
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I went last Sunday, and it was good for the most part.

Overkill were fucking awesome, as they always are. Their set was more new stuff I guess, but its Overkill, and I like every album they've put out. Great set.

Megadeth were cool too, played a few songs I didn't expect (Set the World Afire, Take No Prisoners, A new one called Washington is Next) and played the rest well.

Into Eternity had a whole lot of energy, but I don't know, not my thing. That singer hits some really high notes though.

The rest... LoG were alright, but the only album I really like from them is As the Palaces Burn. They did play Vigil though, so that was cool. Opeth are a band I like, but were boring, I'm fucking sick of Arch Enemy, and the others were terrible.

Worth it for another shot of the 'Kill though.
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Old 2006-10-08, 04:45
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went to the one in sunrise, florida tonight. hell yea shit was expensive there! they were selling big hieneken keg cans for 10 bucks a piece!!!! i think they were 16 oz? couldn't have been more than 24 oz for sure. shirts were 35 bucks. i got there really fucking late. luckily i had a free ticket. heres part of the reason i was late

saw this fox outside the arena...the show was held where the florida panthers play their home games.

lamb of god

my favorite pic of the night

blurry pic of the crowd

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