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Old 2006-09-07, 00:14
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Apple OSX drum software

Does ANYBODY know one at all? I can't believe fruity loops isn't on Apple. Really doesn't make much sense as apple is designed for programs like that.. but anyways...

I really.. REALLY need one and have no idea where to look. I'm tired of either rebooting my mother of all apple recording laptops in Windows just to use fruity loops.. Or even switching with my KVM switch to my other computer t use it.. If i have to do it.. i'll do it.. but there has to be a better way.
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Old 2009-05-31, 05:25
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You just need to know how to search properly using "OS X" rather than "Mac"

That enough options for you?
Garage Band tutorial here

Which version of Garage Band are you using?

I have Garage Band 03 and there are a whole heap of options for creating your own drum beats if you look in the right place...sometimes you just have to "actually" look

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Old 2009-05-31, 05:41
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I use Reason to make my programmed drums, but that is a rather expensive option. I bought the software with a friend, splitting $375usd between the both of us.

EDIT- well i'm sure tmfreak has found a program by now, considering he asked this question 3 years ago.

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Old 2009-06-01, 00:36
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haha, when i read Apple i thought it was fucking spam
Old 2010-03-09, 18:15
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I know this is an old thread, but for future reference.

Garage Band, the default mac OSX music-creation program ( it comes on every god damn mac) has a sequencer and a piano roll, just like FL and most other programs.
if the drum samples that come with it don't tickle your fancy, you can find new ones.

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