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Old 2002-09-14, 19:04
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hearing the bass

many bands have bass that you cant really hear too well. it just sort of deepens the sound of the rest of the instruments. is there a certain way to get your bass to stand out more without overpowering the other instruments?

a good example is some songs of "the divine wings of tragedy" by symphony x or with some punk bands. you can really hear the bass separately.....
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Old 2002-09-14, 19:35
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Adjust your equalizations, and physically play harder...or just increase your volume minorly.

Also, if you can get the vibrations to travel better, it seems to work too.
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Old 2002-09-15, 17:56
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what also works, is to play something that doesn't follow the guitar exactly. Like when a guitar is playing the same note throw in some sixteenths or whatever and it'll usually come through. But the equalizer suggestion usually works best.
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Old 2002-09-15, 17:58
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sometimes the bass plays the same riffs as the guitar so then the bass sorta fades away...
mostly the other instruments are just mixed so that the bass fades away a bit, I don't really like mixed out bass because obviously i play bass myself, but the bass is also a harder to record instrument, I know out of experience...

playing harder is only a ' live ' solution...

having an active bass is also pretty nice so you can beef up the sound on stage etc.

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