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Old 2006-07-14, 17:59
Forum Daemon
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"Physical" Bass Technique

I've been searching for introductory bass lessons for my brother online, and I've found a lot of helpful shit in terms of theory, but I never seem to find anything relating to the actual physical act of playing. For instance; the best way to fret the notes, the best way to hold the neck and to position yourself, etc, etc, etc. I'm not even sure if there are specific schools of thought on this beyond the very basics, but I was wondering if anyone could direct me to anything on this subject or if you'd like to share your own insights.

I learnt guitar without any intervention from more experienced players, and I developed a lot of bad habits as a result that I'm currently trying to iron out - a pain in the ass. I just want to make sure my bro gets off on the right foot

Old 2006-07-14, 18:04
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This site will explain everything clearly and has illustration -

quick links -

Left hand technique -
Right hand technique -

Hope that helped.
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Originally Posted by metal=life
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Old 2006-07-14, 18:11
Forum Daemon
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Fuckin' right. Exactly what I needed, thanks chief

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