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Old 2002-09-05, 19:09
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Children of Bodom Sentenced The Trooper

I have a version of Iron Maidens The Trooper. On my mp3list it says it is Children of Bodom, and so I have believed, until I really listened to the track. If that is CoB, then they have kicked out both janne Wirman and Alexi Laiho, cause neither of them play on that track.
Then I remembered someone here saying it was really Sentenced(this was when I was new here). Conclusion: It IS Sentenced, right?
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Old 2002-09-05, 19:35
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the only maiden cover by CoB that i can remember of is Aces High...
Old 2002-09-07, 01:58
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Sentenced played that song and have put out a single named "The Trooper" that contains that song, so it probably is Sentenced. How exactly does it sound ???
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Old 2002-09-11, 10:00
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Ive got that mp3 too, and asked someone in a bar if it was from Bodom, but they said it wasnt so... so sentenced might be it...
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Old 2002-09-16, 11:16
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They did?! Is it on an album of theirs?
Jeg er en stolt snn av inn
Old 2002-09-21, 02:52
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Sentenced put that track on their "greatest hits" CD (for the lack of a better term)... Story: A Recollection. It also has their version of Billy Idol's 'White Wedding'.

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