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Old 2002-09-05, 12:32
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my small e string just snapped in my face
no blood though hehe
a weird thing though....i was in the process of DOWNTUNING when it snapped, wtf?

im wondering if it might have been because of when i actually put the strings there...because it snapped near the near(where its "tied")...theres also the fact that when it gets out of tune and that i'd turn the thingy to re-tune, i keep hearing a "click" right before it goes back to normal note...that normal? or could it be the cause of the snapping?(the strings themselves are about 2-3 months old...cant remember exactly when i got 'em... .10 *somebrand*(i think its d'dario or something)

now i cant (try to) play solos cause of my missing string
Old 2002-09-05, 17:23
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you might have burrs at your nut. like little sharp plastic things pokin' out of your nut, cutting your string. try sanding your nut.
Old 2002-09-05, 19:40
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what what is this nut thing?
Old 2002-09-05, 23:17
ramy sidky
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the nut is the plastic (or graphite) piece that is fitted on the uppermost part of the fretboard and on which all the strings are passing through before going to the hand machine
Old 2002-09-05, 23:24
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Originally posted by atifman
try sanding your nut.

Old 2002-09-05, 23:33
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Old 2002-09-06, 00:28
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well i got a new string...and a backup string set just in case the others snap as well...for the nut thing, i'll wait and see what happens with my new e string...if it snaps very quickly i'll sand it...
Old 2002-11-11, 11:13
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Yeah... Old strings suck... I try to change my strings monthly to keep that "sound" and they last better too... Though theres a lot of tuning 'cos they stretch...
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Old 2002-11-11, 21:17
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If you have a floating tremolo and downtune a few strings, the tension on the other strings increases due to the pull from the springs inside the guitar. And yes that can make them snap :]

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