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Old 2002-09-04, 00:36
New Blood
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Voices breed and reproduce
Each one with it's words of wisdom
Every voice, a different truth
Ensnared in this verbal prison

Total reverberation
Cranial incarceration
One more voice of reason
One more moot suggestion

Endlessly, they come on forward
Every speech well meant
Conciously thinking inward
Expressionistic intent

Violent pacification
Supressive replication
One more voice of reason
One more moot suggestion

More factory line ideas
Cloning origionality born
Imagining those silent years
Clasping the blade, forlorn

Internal devastation
Psychological cataclysm
One more voice of reason
One more moot suggestion

When the voices reach inane
Psychosis grown inside
It's time to entertain
Cerebral suicide
Hallucinogen kicks arse. Indeedily, she does.
Old 2002-09-08, 12:15
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some parts sound cool, but I don't get the "whole" idea of the song, I mean, the uhm, meaning of the song.

maybe this is because my english isn't that good..

can you explain something more about the song?

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