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Old 2002-09-01, 05:24
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i am really into black metal and ive known of this band Marduk. Most people say theyre sell outs...i dont see how. I love the song Dark Endless!!!! what do u guys think of this band? btw..check out Dark Endless...its a MUST if u play bass or guitar!(and r into black metal)these are the most accurate guitar tabs ive come across for this...
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Old 2002-09-01, 05:41
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they are pretty sweet. i like Der Panzer Division and Scorched Earth
Old 2002-09-01, 06:25
Lord Malphas
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They are pretty good.
I have 6 Cd`s of them.

Dark Endless
La Grande Danse Macabre
Those of the Unlight
Heaven Shall Burn
Fuck me Jesus

If you haven`t check them out .. do it now ... you won`t be dissapointed (if you are into Black Metal)

And I don`t think they are sellout .. fuck everyone that say so ....
Old 2002-09-02, 05:01
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The only album I go into was nightwing, I don't know why, but the rest did not impress me as much. However, they are definetly not sell outs, and I do have respect for them.
Old 2002-09-02, 09:42
sanderinos's Avatar
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Ive got all the Marduk albums and Ive seen them live, they rule!
And even though the Grande Dance Macabre album at some points is different, they are definatly not selling out....

Panzer Division Marduk!!!!!
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Old 2002-09-02, 14:36
The Crying Orc
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I just think they're another corpse paint wearing cheesy Black Metal band.
But that's just Orcy...
Old 2002-09-02, 16:07
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Not a huge BM fan, but quite partial to Marduk.

Particular favourite = Panzer Division Marduk. Only album I have that's not Mp3.
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Old 2002-09-02, 18:28
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Ive got Panzerdivision, too. Its not bad, its not good. Its just another band.
Old 2002-10-10, 12:03
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I really like Marduk , specially Fuck me jesus and Panzer Division.

Hail and Kill.
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