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Old 2002-08-31, 19:50
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used stuff...........

hey i really need amplification to play live, i saw an add in a paper for a used Peavey PA system. its got to big speakers on stands, a mixer, a mic, and all sorts of other crap...and its only $900

1. is it a good idea?

2. can i hook 6 instruments up to it?

(1 mic, 2 guitar, 1 bass, 2 keyboards........hmmm maybe the drums need PA too..)
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Old 2002-08-31, 21:10
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it's a good idea yeah.. but for a good PA you'll have to spend more money but it all depends on what you want.. if you wanna gig in small places and stuff it'll probably be a good deal.

it depends on the mixer what kinda stuff you can hook up to the PA, how many channels has the mixer? and how many watts is the whole system?

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