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Old 2006-05-14, 03:10
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Yamaha DG80-112 Combo

I've had this amp for years.. don't remember how many, but I'm the original owner and they only made it in 1998 so it must be around 8 years now. Check out harmony-central. This is a fairly rare amp, as Yamaha decided to pull out of the gear they had started making. If you talk to anybody that has used one of these, though, they'll ALL tell you that this is the best digital amp that has been made so far. It really is fantastic. I've updated the firmware on it, too, and will email you the manual (it's rather hard to find on the internet.. took me a while and it was only on some japanese yamaha website hehe). This has 8 amp models, all of which are top-notch. For metal, there are 2 main models you'll want to use. One is very typically Marshal, and the other definitely has that mesa bite. Both of them are very nice. Also, if your playing style is a bit more diverse than just metal.. you'll love all of the amp models. The cleans are really spectacular. It played easily over a drummer, bassist, vocals, and another guitarist. The volume was set at 3.5-4.0 to cut through them for solos.. so there's plenty of headroom with the 80-watt amp even with just the 1x12" speaker.

The condition is damned near perfect. Every knob is fully functional and has no fuzz when you turn it. I've kept them cleaned nicely.. this amp has definitely been babied. Every LED light works, the knobs all automatically turn themselves for each preset.. that is all perfectly functional. Functionally, this is in perfect condition. It all works great. Cosmetically, it's essentially perfect again. Ask me and I'll email you very detailed pictures of every angle. Don't want to spam the forum with them, but I'll be happy to take more and send them to you. This has always been babied.. can't believe it's 8 years old - and it's been my primary amp for those 8 years.

So.. why am I selling this? I've had this for so long, and I've decided to switch to a rack setup. I'm actually in the process of getting the Yamaha DG-1000 preamp to go into a rack, hehe. Yeah, I'm quite a fan of the DG series Yamaha put out there =) So I'm just getting restless and want a different version with bigger speakers, basically.

I'm asking $450 + shipping (actual shipping cost, so let me know your zip code). Thanks

Here's a pic.. ask for more and I'll send them
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Old 2007-10-31, 21:15
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Firmware manual?

Hi there, i found you're write-up very informative as to the DG80 and 'never heard elsewhere as to the 'firmware manual' that you mention! Any chance you could send out a copy, much obliged.

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