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Old 2006-05-13, 05:53
New Blood
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Wichita, KS
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Which of these $599-$699 heads would you choose?

Heres 5 from - here
and then there's a VOX AD120VTH too.

Im just looking for a half-stack in the 1,000 dollar price range from guitar center. Seeing as how they own musiciansfriend and have that credit card deal this month, I figured it'd be a great time to get my first half-stack. I play hardcore and heavy metal of course.

Ok, so how about that cheap behringer cab with the jensen speakers? If I got that and put the rest of whatever's left over if there's a nicer head than these, what head should I get? Lots of people are talking about the XXX, 5150/6505 but those are out of my price range.

Then again I'll be selling my axe to a friend of mine and be getting about 300 dollars after that. I was thinking about getting a multi-effects processor, but maybe I'll put more towards a nicer head. THIS IS MY FIRST HALF-STACK!!! I need input!!!
Old 2006-05-13, 06:09
ahumansdystopia's Avatar
Senior Metalhead
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Location: las vegas
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I think you should just go on ebay get yourself a used 5150 for about 500 give or take a bit and get a used marshall 1960 cab for the music style your into it would be the best bang for your buck.Oh and Behringer anything is complete crap except there pa stuff its in the decent range.
Old 2006-05-13, 06:18
*insert name here*'s Avatar
*insert name here*
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Go ebay,and no behringer cabs.
Old 2006-05-13, 06:59
Alumni Staff
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for your pricerange hit up a peavey 5150, 5150II, 6505, 6505+, xxx, or a crate blue voodoo on ebay. used is the smart way to go, you'd be stupid not to.. only suckers and rich people buy amps new these days. you'd be stupid not to.

for a cab, you can pick up a 5150 cab used these days for the $150-350 mark depending on the condition. or a marshall 1960 cab... or a blue voodoo cab(only vintage 30 loaded versions.)

behringer should stick to PA gear where they actually make decent stuff. anything they have out for guitar is garbage.
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