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Old 2006-05-11, 23:29
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No Heart
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This cold handle on a steel pipe
grasps a transparent blind mirror
for a specific fatal thought
a thin clamp around my jaw
wont stop me from giving.

Dreaming of a portrait of you
with no color in my sight
just a figure of my imagination
reaching into my thoughts

a damp cloth tied on my tongue
my mouth is bleeding
from the desire to breath
I walk around my chamber
and set my hand on the wall
if it wasnít ever there
id be sitting on the floor
carving your soul
with my bloodstained fingers

id like to eat your pain
with my infected teeth
I want your remorse in me
crawling in my skin
drowning inside my thoughts

I donít feel shame for you
jealousy is what takes over
time pasts and youíll die
or will I kill you.....-no heart

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