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Old 2006-04-20, 16:59
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Which cab to buy?

Ok, I've been saving up and looking for a good cab to go with my amp head for a while and I narrowed it down to basically 2 choices, which are a Marshall 1960A or a Randall RS412XLT cab.
I have 2 guitars,both will have an X2N in the bridge in the near future, a Randall RH200SC solid state head and play many types of metal and classic rock. Basically I chose those 2 cabs because I need a stereo option, at least 200watts RMS handling and wanted Celestion speakers. Price does not matter since I will soon have enough money to be able to buy either one. Any helpful suggestions,thoughts or comments on which one would be a better choice would be appreciated.
Old 2006-04-20, 18:25
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i'd say get the randall since it's probablly voiced for solid state amps better. But see if you can get it used first. I dont think i'd ever pay over $600 for a cab, except MAYBE an Uberkab (which pretty much works with anything i've heard...)

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Old 2006-04-20, 18:26
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I'd go with the randall because of the v30's butyour choise of an amp isn't as versatile as you described

Originally Posted by Killjoy
A DOD Death Metal pedal works just fine, but only with a decent Marshall. I run mine thru an MG30 watt combo, and it's brutal.
Old 2006-04-20, 18:57
Supreme Metalhead
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Long Island, New York
Posts: 651
Well, I used my friend's Crate cab and my head sounded pretty good,but the Crate cab was only 100watts RMS. I most definitely can cover pretty much any metal tone, and it does classic rock decently. This doesnt bother me too much considering I'm more of a metal type of guy.
Thanks for the suggestions so far, any more are welcome.
Old 2006-04-21, 00:01
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*insert name here*
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Both would be fine,similar cabs.1960's can be had cheap second hand,those randalls arent as popular,but they may match your head better.
Old 2006-04-21, 00:19
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randall got better reviews. go with it
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Old 2006-04-21, 00:26
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fuck reviews.
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