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Old 2006-04-03, 02:41
New Blood
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"Death, I..." by Psyopus

I need tabs for "Death, I..." by Psyopus urgently! Any and all who have tabs, respond immediately! Contributions are much appreciated.
Old 2006-04-03, 18:51
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Yeah right. Your only chance is that Chris drops by again and tabs it himself, although I severely doubt whether he'd have the time.
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Old 2006-04-03, 18:52
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Yeah, tabbing Psyopus is just a tad bit difficult.
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Old 2006-04-23, 13:49
New Blood
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Here's the beginning:

Gtr 1

Gtr 2

The next part has too many notes for me type up before we leave this kats house. Plus I don't remember what one of the guitars does off of the top of my head. I have it written somewhere at home.
Old 2007-03-30, 20:12
New Blood
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I have wanted to learn that song for so fucking long now its rediculous. so fuck, if anyone does know it help us out. I found this video on, its not of death I but its of someone playing along to the white light, and it shows the fretboard, Im too lazy to actualy watch and figure/tab out what he is doing but if anyone else wants to try, I would love to get these tabs.

have fun, let me know if you get this shit tabbed out.

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