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Old 2002-08-19, 23:01
Blizzard Beast
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Hate Amongst Bands

I have read countless posts on this forum about people bashing different styles of music.Some people saying Cradle of filth sucks and Dimmu Borgir isnt black metal. Do you think the people that play in your favorite bands share your distaste? I know alot of you don't like Slipknot or shitknot to some of you I have read a couple of interviews with well know thrash and death metal groups praising slipknot. Anyway back to the question I asked. What do you think?

Blizzard Beast
Old 2002-08-19, 23:13
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Forum Leader
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yeah sure.

joe satriani once dissed metallica in a concert, back when the napster deal was huge. he was like, "who wants metallica mp3s"

and in like every show in Steve Vai's Ultra Zone tour (i think) he kept saying like how he wanted to rape Britney Spears.
Old 2002-08-19, 23:16
Father Death
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Satriani rules!

in terms of actual bands hating other bands and such, everyone has thier own opinion, members of slayer and pantera seem to like nu-metal, while the others i'm sure despize it...its all relative
the patterns are everywhere...
Old 2002-08-19, 23:26
Blizzard Beast
Senior Metalhead
Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Atlanta Georgia a.k.a asshole of the universe
Posts: 262
Yeah I understand what you are saying but Im talking about a hate towards the music. Like cannibal corpse saying they wont tour with six feet under because they hate the music or immolation playing with slipknot cause they are nu-metal and blah blah blah.
Old 2002-08-20, 14:35
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hehe, i reckon the CC vs SFU would be more of a "Fuck You Barnes" and a "I'm making it big without you fuckers" rivavly

but bands hateing each other...well...i can understand that too. they are also apart of the filth known as mankind and just like other humans they like and dislike shit.

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