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Old 2006-03-21, 17:58
Join Date: Dec 2005
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tube amp trouble

i got this used crate bv60 its a great amp but after i play it for about 30 minutes or so the volume starts to dip and go real low then back to normal lvls.

also should a tube screamer be put in the effects loop or in front of the guitar input
Old 2006-03-21, 20:00
Senior Metalhead
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Sounds like either you got some dirty jacks/pots, or the tubes are crapping out. Take it in to get looked at.

Boosters like tube screamers sound better to my ears in front of the amp.
Old 2006-03-21, 20:17
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*insert name here*
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Tubescreamer in front.But yes,take it into a tech and get it checked out.

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