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Old 2006-03-16, 16:59
Coma Alpha
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How do I write the song that I wanna right?

This is pissing me off. I've been trying to do this forever, but it never works. I make the notes whole, quarter, half, whatever. They still only last a split second. Damn powertabs
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Old 2006-03-16, 18:10
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Is your tempo set sky high? Think about it. 8ths at 256 are 16ths at 128 and 32nds at 64... OR!

You are using the wrong duration and you've got massive rests between notes.

Originally Posted by fatdanny
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Old 2006-03-16, 20:31
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HUmph...GP users wouldnt be botherd with such problem...
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Old 2006-03-20, 21:23
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Check your bars, make sure they fit the time signature. Both Guitar Pro and Powertab skip/make some notes shorter when the bar length and time signature don't correspond.

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