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Old 2002-08-16, 17:38
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Topics and mythology

The first time I listened to Therion - To MegaTherion, I thought "Damn, my english DO suck!". Then I read the lyrics on, and realized that I couldn't catch it, because I didn't know half the words!
"The world will burn by Zoraths flame", they say. Fine. Then, who is Zorath?
And so it goes on and on. Lot's of bands use this kind of things in their lyrics, and I, the hairy bloody numbskulled Norwegian, can't understand shit.
Therefore, do any of you know where bands like Therion get their stuff? Like, is it Celtic mythology or something?

BTW, Saroth the Sorcerer is from Xena, right?
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Old 2002-08-16, 23:02
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Therion is a pagan god (i think god) that is in many pagan faiths, particualy the Necronomicon. like in Behemoths song, Decade of Therion, in the video is overloaded with Necronomicon seals of the gods (pretty much the 50 names of Marduk)..i think that partly answers your question.

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