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Old 2006-03-10, 23:24
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groove metal song to learn

does anyone have suggestions of some easier groove songs for me to start learning?
Old 2006-03-10, 23:26
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Dying fetus !!!11!!!!

no serious
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Old 2006-03-10, 23:41
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Give us an example.
Originally Posted by Amadeus
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Old 2006-03-11, 00:46
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What do you mean specifically. I was going to suggest Rompeprop or The Day Everything Became Nothing but I don't know if that's what you are talking about.
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Old 2006-03-11, 01:33
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i cant remember exactly who it was that i heard that i liked. i dont even know what itd be classified as maybe grindcore i dont know.

but maybe like bloodduster or mortician
if i could describe the beat youd probly understand its got an upbeat to it

edit: yea llike the day everything became nothing pretty much

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Old 2006-03-11, 02:25
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how easy are we talking?

it really depends on where youre at as a player.if youre just now starting i would recommend something off of sepultura's "chaos AD", or perhaps something really slow like some black sabbath. as for grindcore, alot of the older stuff is incredibly simple as far as the notes you play, but as a rule grind is always incredibly fast, so maybe put that off for a bit until you get a little quicker. if you start slow and play properly you'll be shocked at how quickly your speed will improve, and before you know it youll be rocking some necrophagist.
Old 2006-03-11, 02:32
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not always fast dude, slams are really popular in grind, thats probably the type of thing he wants to learn. So yeah, Dying fetus, day everything become nothing etc
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Old 2006-03-11, 02:33
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obituary - redneck stomp
Old 2006-03-11, 02:43
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Originally Posted by Transient
obituary - redneck stomp

Great one right there, was listening to that earlier today at the bus station. It really makes me want to mosh, and I'm not the mosher type. Groovy as fuck, as well as most catchier Obituary songs, that's worth looking into.

Napalm Death - Suffer the Children and Siege of Power. Groovy tracks right there.
Originally Posted by far_beyond_sane

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Old 2006-03-11, 02:44
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sorry,i misunderstood and went ahead and assumed you were a complete beginner. i think the groove metal threw me off, i think of shit like sepultura, pantera and chimaira when i think of groove metal. oh yeah and bloodduster is the shit.
Old 2006-03-11, 07:32
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Originally Posted by basstendencies
sorry,i misunderstood and went ahead and assumed you were a complete beginner. i think the groove metal threw me off, i think of shit like sepultura, pantera and chimaira when i think of groove metal.

Same here. I think Pantera. That stoner metal, or whatever "Down" falls into, is groove metal to me too.
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Old 2006-03-11, 08:16
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Please describe "grove metal" the title kinda makes me think of "nu-metal"
Old 2006-03-11, 11:53
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Id reccomend some Devourment but some riffs in some songs are just absolutely retarded. If you can tab out songs, check out Dripping a canadian band, their stuff is pretty easy... awesome experimentational/groove metal
Old 2006-03-11, 18:03
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Direct your question to the thread with similar topic.
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