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Old 2006-03-06, 06:53
Join Date: Mar 2006
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JF Richard - Hot damn! Most under-rated?

So, I've been drumming for 14 years... since the tender young age of 7. In that time, I've had 10 years of professional training, have marched for 4 years, and have taught for 8. My point is, like many of you, I've had a lot of experience with drummers, styles, techniques, etc.

Why does NO ONE speak about JF Richard, the outstanding drummer for Ion Dissonance? I'm not sure any of you have had any proper exposure to Ion Dissonance, or else, the material just doesn't sink in. Due to the complexity and intensity of Ion Dissonance's material, it often flies over the head of people, even those with musical training. But JF is one of the most phenomenal drummers I've had the pleasure of listening to. His utilization of polyrhythm, odd-time signatures, dexterity, control, speed, and punctuation/syncopation is unparallel.
For those without any exposure, you can hear a some songs at
However, not nearly enough of his repertoire is displayed in these songs. I fully recommend nabbing ID's latest album "Solace" by whatever means necessary (legally is highly promoted ). It is a unique, highly impressive display of skill on the part of all musicians, and should be carefully listened to. There are layers of complexity to be deconstructed.

JF is one of the best drummers on the scene these days, and deserves much more exposure. Just try and tab him, I dare you
Old 2006-03-06, 07:08
NZ black metal drumm
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well we will check him out, I have never heard of them, so I will lend an ear.
omg t3h @x1s p3d@ls @r3 t3h b3st!!!!!!1!!11
Old 2006-03-06, 07:16
Join Date: Mar 2006
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thank the gods for willing ears! As I said, those songs are only a taste, but they do him some justice.

For a bit of a spoiler... the last song on Breathing is Irrelevant has an interesting structure.

The guitarists play alternating eighth notes, right to left, in a 4/4 structure. JF then takes the downbeats from the 4/4 measure, but treats it as a 5/4 measure instead, playing a 5-on-4 polyrhythm using these downbeats. It comes out quite nicely.
The great thing about JF is that he displays a pioneering sense of groove, fill, and structure within an ultra-fast, ultra-complicated landscape (grind/death/tech). He knows how to write uber-impressive parts without losing the human side... no blast fests here. He blasts, but in coordination with a huge palate of other parts.
Old 2006-03-06, 07:19
low-tech's Avatar
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Location: providence
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ive heard them before, the guy is very,very good, no doubt about it.
Old 2006-03-06, 07:26
Join Date: Mar 2006
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Good to know someone has heard these guys. I spent several months learning the drum parts for their album "Breathing is Irrelevant". "Solace," their new album, is an entirely different story... some of the parts are very difficult, esp. to decode. But I'm getting there slowly.
Also, the production on the drums on "Solace" is killer... one of my favorite productions of all time. The snare sounds/feels like getting shot!!! It's great.
Old 2006-03-07, 01:36
Join Date: Mar 2006
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So what do you guys think?
Old 2006-03-07, 02:37
Hippy :)
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Location: alamo
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not really fond of the music...
but as you said, THE GUYS FUCKIN AMAZING
Old 2006-03-07, 15:04
Grond's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: hamburg, germany
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The guy is great no question... even if i am not in love with the music style...

However, he uses his drumkit really nice...
Grond, drummer of the Viking Metal band "Norse"
Sorry, but my english is bad...
Old 2006-03-07, 19:31
Join Date: Mar 2006
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Myspace is gay... If the mp3's don't work there, go here:
Old 2006-03-07, 20:43
The Doctor's Avatar
The Doctor
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sounds good, his style fits the hyper music perfectly
Old 2006-03-07, 21:08
Join Date: Mar 2006
Posts: 55
heh, here's some of the "tabbing" I've been doing for them... I prefer sheet music. This is some of the beginning of "She's Strychnine"... This is quite hard, lol. (note: countoff measure included)

I hope to do several songs and post them here in some format or another.

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