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Old 2002-08-14, 09:13
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The Doctor
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music download

where do you guys download your music?
Old 2002-08-14, 09:24
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kazaa most of the time.

but i download not that much, just copying of friends, easiest way!!

Join the hordes!!
Old 2002-08-14, 12:15
Posts: n/a
Old 2002-08-14, 15:17
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Fender0823: ok here's a good one.........
Fender0823: what if u could have all the babes u wanted in ur bed, but once a month u had to wear a shirt in public that said "I like my men in short shorts" would u do it
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Ulimnar: hell yeah i would, lol, that'd be hilarious
Fender0823: lmfao!!!!!!!
Fender0823: hahahahahahaha
Fender0823: can i put this in my sig on metaltabs
Fender0823: lololol
Ulimnar: but I'd also carry a gun for any homos that took it seriously

"Wally Leaves us officially" - Ulimnar: lol I think it'll work now...goodbye man
Ulimnar signed off at 10:09:37 PM.
Old 2002-08-14, 16:53
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Old 2002-08-14, 19:28
sanderinos's Avatar
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I used to use audiogalaxy wich is perfect, but now you have to pay for it
Jeg er en stolt snn av inn
Old 2002-08-15, 08:25
The Doctor's Avatar
The Doctor
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Location: Bladel, Holland
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I've tried winmx, it's pretty cool thnx
Old 2002-08-15, 18:47
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Symbiotic In Theory
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kazaa audiogalaxy napster

all ''.com's''
'' I'll Smother You With A Fucking Pillow!! ''

Originally Posted by metal=life
Hey don't talk back buddy. Give your dick size or don't post.
Old 2002-08-15, 22:25
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a godd way to find songs in kazaa, is to leave the space blank, but click on more search options and choose something from the category section.

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