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Old 2006-02-14, 21:04
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Amp Settings for Finger Tapping

Anyone know a good amp setting that allows me to hear the bass better when I finger tap? Thanks.
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Old 2006-02-14, 21:16
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Well... I put the bass on 10, mids on 5 and treble on 0 on my active preamp, and on my amp I have the bass at 6, mids at 1, and treble at 10 and it works fine for me.
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Old 2006-02-14, 21:22
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Try.. Bass at 5, mids at 8 and treble at 10, that should be nice and clear
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Old 2006-02-15, 15:27
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i have and old school amp with two channels, so i set mine on 4/5 gain, 3/3 pre, 4 mid., and 6 treb.

I don't like really clear tapping, it still needs to sound like a bass, not a guitar like Sheehan does ( dont worry im not dissing Sheehan he could obliterate any of us anyday of the week ), im just saying it still needs to sound bassy even if you are tapping up a storm.
Old 2006-03-20, 18:08
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i dont adjust my EQ when i tap.keep it just the way it is.on my pre amp the bass is at 10,mid at 8 and treble at 6.....on the amp i keep my bass at 6,mid at 2.5/3,treble at 4

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Old 2006-04-07, 21:20
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Old 2006-04-10, 18:21
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What songs do yall finger tap for?
Old 2006-04-13, 20:01
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"tapping up a storm"

I don't know why but that's the best expression ever.

I don't tap too much, the two ones I find funnest to do are actually originally played on guitar:
The "Hook in Mouth" tap solo, and
The intro solo to "Looking Down the Cross", both by Megadeth. (and both killer songs I must add)
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Old 2006-04-26, 23:18
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In order for tapping to be more clear I would highly recommend getting something like the Boss GEB-7 Bass EQ pedal. That would allow to boost your treble to make your notes sound more clear AND bring up your levels so you more audible.

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