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Old 2006-01-06, 23:42
New Blood
Join Date: Jan 2006
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recommend a death metal nub songs

Hey all, I've been playing for a good two years now, and been lurking the forum for a few monthes. Just today, I decided to slap on heavier strings and tune down to C#, and try some brewtal metal. I learned Hate Eternal's Praise of the Almighty, and damn this shit is fun. Recommend me some other fun songs, preferably in the same tuning!

btw here are my babies

ibanez rx350 - dimarzio super3 bridge, duncan jb neck, disconnected single coil, in standard tuning

brownsville lp copy - emg 81 bridge, disconnected duncan 59 so it wont look so empty until i go raise up a bit of cash for an 85. in c# tuning
Old 2006-01-06, 23:45
Six_Feet_Under_420's Avatar
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All dying fetus songs. Suffocation. Some decapitated
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Old 2006-01-07, 00:12
New Blood
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 2
Originally Posted by Six_Feet_Under_420
All dying fetus songs. Suffocation. Some decapitated

just played a few of them in guitar pro, those dying fetus songs sound awesome
Old 2006-01-07, 01:26
Senior Metalhead
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Location: Noosa Heads, Qld, Australia.
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You could try some of the songs off Psycroptic's first album - The Isle of Disenchantment, you'll have to tune 5 of your strings back up to Eb though as they play in Drop C# on that album.
Old 2006-01-07, 04:40
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we had a thread like this once. Go to you're local cd store and buy some death or something.
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