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Old 2006-01-04, 22:08
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Iniquity tabs?

Ok: Iniquity, this band is, as most will have to agree, extreme. Yet i am only able to find 3 tabs (Inhale The Ghost, The Hidden Lore, Desiderated Profligacy) and although i can play the last 2 fair well, I wanna know if anyone else has tabbed any more of their songs, such as Border Into Shadow, Cocooned,The Last Incantation or Prophecy of the Dying Watcher which are all sweet.

I have figured out some parts of Achromatic Chronicles (the begining riffs up until/during the solo)some of Son Of Cosmos (once again the begining) and some of the easy bits in Prophecy, but not much else and i havent been bothered to tab them yet.

So anyone out there that has a clue as to where i may find some more or who likes them enough to tab any songs please get back to me on this.

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