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Old 2006-01-03, 20:35
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New Blood
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Exclamation Concerns?

Hey guys...kik ass site i was just curious if you have any concerns of being shutdown or sued over the copyrights for songs or wtf/e .. It made me really mad when taborama was shutdown ..i dont even think that theyre on the internet anymore....
Old 2006-01-03, 20:47
Robbie Filth's Avatar
Robbie Filth
The Man Who Is, MGI.
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Well of course it concerns people but we have decided that we will do what we can to keep this site running.

I'd do what i could and i'm not even a mod here.
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I feel a bit arabic spending 30 minutes in the toilet.
Old 2006-01-03, 22:52
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Mods can't do shit if this site was targetted to be shut down. We only keep the forums under control dude.

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