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Old 2005-12-24, 23:36
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cool suggestion

Ok, I didn't know where to put this thread but I guess this one fits best here. I have an idea for the site, maybe stupid to some, might seem lazy, but here goes: maybe the admin could put a new feature on this site to arrange tabs by certain tunings. Like, say someone knows but a handful of songs for the tuning they are in (i.e C#). They could simply do a search for songs in that specific tuning. Just a suggestion, i don't know if this idea has been brought up before, but I didn't know how to search for it to see if it has. ( i know how to use the search engine, just didn't know what specifically to type in it ). let me know what ya think and maybe we could get something like this started
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Old 2005-12-25, 08:59
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I believe this has already been discussed.
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Old 2005-12-25, 20:17
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That is a pretty good idea. Sometimes I just wanna learn anything in a particular tuning. Prob be some hella coding.
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Old 2005-12-26, 13:06
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Since there is already this suggestion thread I'm not doing another thread for this.

Anyway, I know this is asked before, but I'll ask again. I think we really need a comment thing for tabs when you rate them. Everyone have to comment if they wan't to rate it. But you don't have to rate it if you wan't to comment it. That would be much better and then we could avoid those worthless 1 ratings that some people do. Anyway, here is few pics what it possibly would look like.
This is just a suggestion. You don't have to do this.
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Old 2005-12-27, 21:58
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Robbie Filth
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I would say both of these things could work but it may just make the site more complicated for fuck head noobs.
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