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Old 2005-11-26, 04:05
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guitar scales

Anyone know a good source for guitar scales? I know the penetonic and diatonic but I would like to learn more.
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Old 2005-11-26, 18:48
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There is a search function you know dumbass. And on top of that, there are several dozen posts within the first few pages of this forum section. Since you are new, I'll help you out, but what I mentioned above is why you aren't receiving any answers. has a chord finder, chord namer, scale generator, etc.
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Old 2005-11-26, 20:53
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Old 2005-11-27, 23:23
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man that sites the shit, now i dont have to ask my dad anything
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Old 2005-11-27, 23:59
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Incredible! MetalThrashingMad, even if that's not a picture of you, you should say it is from now on
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Old 2005-11-28, 22:59
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Originally Posted by graduallymelted
Anyone know a good source for guitar scales? I know the penetonic and diatonic but I would like to learn more.

The Bead Method of Fretboard Mastery... It's just the best.


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