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Old 2005-11-15, 17:02
Robbie Filth's Avatar
Robbie Filth
The Man Who Is, MGI.
Join Date: Jul 2004
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I've noticed on this site there are alot of members who often don't post in the rooms or do tabs shoudl these people have their membership on this site taken from them or is it cool to have as many members as possible even if they contribute nothing to metaltabs?
Old 2005-11-15, 17:18
humancorpse's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Norway
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I think there was a thread about this a while ago to which noman replied that he thought it was ok to have members that dosn`t post cause they might sign up for other reasons. I might be wrong though.
Old 2005-11-15, 17:31
Robbie Filth's Avatar
Robbie Filth
The Man Who Is, MGI.
Join Date: Jul 2004
Posts: 2,216
We'll have to find out i guess....
Old 2005-11-15, 18:31
brainsforbreakfast's Avatar
El Diablo sin pantalones
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Location: Yggdrassyl
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besides, member profile&posts in the forum take up little space on the server.
It's usualy the bandwidth an admin is worried about.
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Old 2005-11-15, 21:30
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you know what you should do next time before asking a stupid question?

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