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Old 2005-10-30, 01:11
New Blood
Join Date: Apr 2005
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Pelican tab request

My ear is terrible. Are Pelican using a lot of minor 7th chords? And what are they tuned to?

If anyone could post a Pelican tab or two that would be great
Old 2007-04-24, 13:30
New Blood
Join Date: Apr 2007
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hi i've also been searching in vain for pelican tabs, my ear is also not really good enough to hear whats going on through the sludge. another user on this forum, Mammatus, helped out a lot by pointing out that the tuning for basically if not all of their songs is low-hi B F# B E B E. its extremely cool sounding, but you might need to get some thicker guage strings heh, thats a pretty satanic tuning. their stuff really isnt very intricate actually so its probably possible to tab out everything just knowing that. ...he had tabbed out a bunch of their songs but his pc crashed taking the tabs down with it and so far noone has managed to persuade him to re-tab them... he just recently posted a tab of Gift by Old Man Gloom which I believe is a side project... correct me if im wrong.

but i took the liberty of tabbing GW (from australasia) it took me ages and its only 3mins long. the percussion is just for fun and i think the second "verse" is wrong but im sick of it. its hard to stay motivated when tabbing a 10 min instrumental song when the band says (and I roughly quote) "we try to cram as many riffs as possible into one song".

anyways here is the guitar pro version and an ascii export.
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File Type: txt Pelican-GW.txt (21.3 KB, 671 views)
File Type: gp5 Pelican-GW.gp5 (47.6 KB, 437 views)
Old 2008-02-27, 15:49
New Blood
Join Date: Feb 2008
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pelican tab request

Im pretty sure they play in b standard it does sound pretty cool. im currently tabing out- lost in the headlights - i'll post it once im done.
Old 2008-04-08, 10:45
New Blood
Join Date: Apr 2007
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Pelican - Drought tab

oh here is another tab, this one for Drought also from Australasia this is from a while back but i completely forgot about it... i also found a half-done Mammoth tab floating around i'll see if i can get round to finishing that too if anyone's interested
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File Type: gp5 Pelican-Drought.gp5 (145.0 KB, 517 views)
File Type: txt pelican-drought.txt (77.3 KB, 716 views)

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