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Old 2005-10-13, 22:10
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Soundcard question

I am wondering about external soundcards. Since they connect through USB, does that mean I would not need an internal soundcard? If so, since they are external would that make them better for recording??
Old 2005-10-13, 23:51
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nope, no need for an internal soundcard if you get an external one. it would only be better for recording if it has a direct 1/4" input (instrument cable size) allowing you to go from your amp to the soundcard with a cable. but if you do this, you will be completely bypassing your cabinet (the speaker, if it's a combo amp).. depending on what kind of amp you have, it may sound better or may sound worse. i know i got a lot of buzz when i went straight from my amp to my sound card via 1/8" cable with adapter. i get much better results now using a good quality microphone.. i just place the mic in front of my amp. so really, internal or external sound cards will make no difference when it comes to recording. get a decent microphone at a local electronics store and experiment.

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