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Old 2005-08-31, 18:30
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i usually go by ear, but was wondering how ppl know these so called "standard progressions". theres a post about using 7ths in chord progressions etc and them being abnormal. whats normal?

i mean, would a normal progression be based off the scale?is that how it works? like if i was playing a scale of say C#.G#,B,E,F#,C# would the normal progression be C#,B,F#?, or, would it be chromatic? or am i totally screwe dup here. btw that scale, i just picked some randomly spaced notes. couldnt be bothered to figure out some proper scale

i take it an abnormal progression is when u chuck things like sus4's in etc?

[edit] ok i just saw the other progressions thread, but i dont get the numerals. nor do i get subtonic etc. is there like patterns or something that i can just apply to basic scale patterns ? (yknow, instead of tone tone semitone sorta stuff, 1st 3rd 5th in scale or something?)

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Look here at the post guitar demon made. It shows what tones in the major/minor scales naturally can lead to. The numerals represent the chord tone in that particular scale. So in E minor, i = Em, ii° = F#dim, III = G, iv = Am, v = Bm, VI = C, VII = D, (correct me if I'm wrong gurus....). They stay the same in any key whether it's G major, or C# minor. The suspended chords have certain properties that it naturally resolves to and whatnot. I don't know exactly what leads into a sus chords nor what come after it. Just stay within the scale tones and it should sound okay.
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