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Old 2005-08-23, 00:17
New Blood
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Unequal Fifths

What are Unequal Fifths?

A Diminished 5th preceded or followed by a perfect 5th in the same pair of voices

When do Unequal fifths occur mostly ?

Are Unequal Fifths bad or good?

Are Unequal Fifths best in the outer voices?
Old 2005-08-23, 22:04
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dunno what "unequal" 5ths are, unless you mean b5 and #5.

you can put em anywhere.

altered 5ths sound dissonant in most contexts, unless youre using modes.
theyre also good for key modulations.
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Old 2005-08-25, 23:31
New Blood
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The Unequal fifths are going to sound very dissonant and are going to build a decent amount of tension. I would use them on a V chord and resolve to the I chord.
Old 2005-08-27, 18:39
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"Unequal fifths"...There's another oxymoron for the book...and I can't tell if that second line of yours is a comment or a question. Those last two sound more like rhetorical questions to me. However, I can answer the 3rd--because most dissonant-sounding-chords take place in the II, III, IV, V, and VII chords.
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