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Old 2005-08-18, 04:40
New Blood
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scale combining or permutation

does any one know how to use scale combining or premutation?
Old 2005-08-18, 05:01
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like hybrid scales?

I know alot of players will play the 'mixobluesian' mode over a V chord, which is the combination of the pentatonic blues with the mixolydian mode. I think all good players will add notes outside the scales tones to add flavor (tension and resolvement).

now that premutation word, I've read some Pertrucci columns and he's talked about it. I think it's permutations (don't hold me to it), which, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's like taking a piece and slightly changing some of the notes up but keeping the overall sound, just making a variation of it.
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