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Old 2005-08-10, 15:15
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Amon rA
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complicated Harmonies.

ok i need your help with this.
ive got a chorus, which i want to put a victorious-sounding harmony to.
the best example of the feel i want is the line "run too the hills" in the song of the same name(iron maiden). only problem is the chord sequence is minor, and nomatter what i do, it either sounds like a minor harmony, or a discordant one.

Chords: 4/4 in Am, all power chords (5ths)
Melody: A B C D C A C B G B A Chords:A C F E G A C F E G Melody: A B C E D A C B G B A Chords:A C F E G A C F E G

so yeah, anything you guys can come up with would be great.
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Old 2005-08-10, 20:48
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use the same progression that maiden used ?
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Old 2005-08-10, 21:08
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I'm sure you prob tried this already, but maybe a relative major progression?
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Old 2005-08-11, 04:19
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Heh, it's very improbable to have much happy sounding stuff in a minor key. The only way you might get something happy is if you have two guitars harmonizing together. Oh, try the following:

1. You can use a neopolitan chord. In a minor key, you can lower the 2nd scale degree to make a major triad, and they're usually N6, or rather 1st inversion. In Am, that would be: Bb-D-F. I forget what conditions call for such a chord though.

2. Use an augmented 6th chord. To lenthly to explain here, so check out the 7th chord thread of mine.

3. Use nothing but a stream of 7th chords.
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Old 2005-08-14, 04:34
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im not really sure what youre asking, but it will always sound minor if youre using strict harmonization... say always harmonizing in major 3rds, 4ths or whatever because both melodies will be minor no matter what key they are in. To avoid that you can try using diatonic harmony which is to harmonize in the given interval, but this time make it diatonic so you arent ALWAYS the same interval apart. If im even close to getting to what you wanted to know i can explain it better if you want.

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