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Old 2005-07-26, 19:37
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alright im confused, when someone says its a moveable pattern and move it around to make your own stuff out of it. i dont understand it i know you can move up and down the neck. but when it comes to moving the scale around to make your own stuff with it i dont really get it. do you have to just keep the root notes of the scales or what. it might sound really weird. please try and not get to technical also like i said i only know parts of theory. thanks

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Old 2005-07-26, 21:54
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Most guitar players try to visualize the patterns instead of learning each note by note. So when someone says it's a movable pattern, I think they mean not only can you move it to any key you want, but the pattern will be constant. I think you prob understand the concept of a movable pattern, seems you may be confused about the modes of a scale, or taking the same pattern, but starting on the second interval instead of the first and how that transforms the "pattern" we once knew. Learn all the major/minor modes--- i.e their patterns, and that may help. Correct me if I'm wrong someone.
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