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Old 2005-07-26, 07:36
New Blood
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wtf!?!? (weird scream)

Alright, im wondering if anybody can help me. Lord Worm does this really fucked up scream on blasphemy made flesh, I know he does it once at the end of defenestration, and once in abigor. Go straight to the end of defenestration and it should end with him doing the scream. Now my question is.... HOW THE FUCK DO YOU DO THIS, AND IS IT HUMANLY POSSIBLE?!?!!!!?!?!? Thanks for the help
Old 2005-08-02, 01:57
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Why ask if it's humanly possible if you heard him do it on a damn cd. Duh...... He screams....that's it. Ooooo, holy ya know man.....dude.....all he does is, whoa.....that's a difficult concept to grasp if you're an undeveloped teenager.
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