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Old 2005-07-21, 13:51
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Question i need a good tab book site

anybody know a good site to buy specifically bass tabulature books, i have trouble finding it in stores, it seems that nobody cares about the bass player...
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Old 2005-08-24, 00:58
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Yes, I agree with you, every time I look through the bass books in a music store I notice that the section is ten times smaller than the guitar section ... or sometimes they don't even bother make a bass section and you have to look through ten thousand guitar books just so you can say 'oh shit, the only bass books they have are metallica'.

If you look hard enough you might find a few that you're looking for on the internet, but people usually don't buy the bass book for a Dream Theater album for example so it wouldn't be worth the time of making it if only a couple hundred people buy it.

Your best luck might be with internet tabs, especially of the Powertab kind, since people using powertab usually have less mistakes than regular tabbers. For all the trouble you have to go through to find music for bass, you're almost better off saving the money you would spent on books and spend it on a good sound system so you can EQ it well and figure it out yourself. As you improve as a musician, you rely less and less on tabs since it becomes faster learning from the CD. I only wish I could afford a half decent CD player/sound system ....
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