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Old 2005-06-26, 03:46
Zertonshfits's Avatar
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im not planning on doing this for a while but wich would be cheaper?

1. get a custom Ran

2. build my own custom

i have no knowledge of building/putting together/carving guitars so im leaning towards the Ran...
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Old 2005-06-26, 03:49
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probably the ran. to build one you would have to invest the time to actualyl learn to do it, buy the shit and possable tools needed. plus since its your first attempt at it no matter how much you calculate and no matter how slow you go it wont come out the way you want it. so just go with a ran
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Old 2005-06-26, 04:01
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Yup. The Ran is actually the cheaper way to go and they will more then likely do a better job building it. I know what makes a great guitar and Ran made it in half the time I believe I could have. I did the research before I ever ordered my Ran and Ran is WAY cheaper. You will need tools to build a guitar and that cost lots of money.
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Old 2005-06-26, 06:50
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Well, if you really learn how to build a guitar yourself, and do it extremely well on your first try, you'll feel much more satisfied. But by no means will it be cheaper. :P Get that genius Dariusz to do it for you for a measly $1500.
Old 2005-06-28, 01:59
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That depends entirely on how much money you put into a custom guitar.

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