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Old 2005-04-17, 17:59
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How to spice it up...

So here is the situation. I play in pagan/folk black metal band for a half of year now. we have three songs and yadayadayada... So I was just wondering how should I spice up my lines, becouse now everything I do is playing the roots of the rhythm guitar line. Should I use arpeggios or scales or what? I hope you get the picture of what I want to know. Thanx in advance!
Old 2005-04-17, 18:18
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use octaves and the just go from the octave of the note and stay in key going up and down.. add some hammers ons, slides, trills.. triplets..

Hope that helps, if not, just learn basslines from the chili peppers, and you will see how to do fills.. even though it not may be your type of music, it will teach you a lot about the fretboard and where you can go..
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Old 2005-04-30, 15:40
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you can also do what emperor's bassist does.he puts more emphasis on one note than the others.basically what i mean is that while playing 0-0-0 normally he will hit the 0 in the middle alot harder than the other 0's this would create a slightly different sound.

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Old 2005-04-30, 15:55
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If there are any slow, chordal passages (and there should be, for the heroic stomping bits in all Odin-ish songs!), try throwing in some double stops and octaves to heavy things up a bit. Just adding in the minor third to a bassline can really add to the atmosphere. Also, listen to loads of Borknagar and nick all their basslines

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