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Old 2005-04-12, 11:27
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Problem viewing tabs

This one is a bit strange but I don't seem to be able to view text tabs that have a corresponding Powertab. Each time I click the thread containing the text tab the site freezes and I have to close the window through the task manager. I presume that this is happening because the file has been exported from Powertab format into ASCII, but I am clueless as to why this would affect me being able to view it.

Other text tabs without a Powertab version are unaffected and the text versions of Powertabs on the main site also work fine. The problem seems to be localised in the Pending Tabs forum. Is it just me or is anybody else having this problem?
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Old 2005-04-12, 22:49
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sometimes txt files are used as a command file.... actually, i think thats .dat files, but maybe your computer is trying to read them as a command and failing

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