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Old 2005-04-10, 07:10
New Blood
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Sound Proofing

I'm in desperate need of ways to sound proof my room, I'm sick of playing at the lowest level my amp goes.

I don't want to do anything drastic or permanent, i just want something temperary that'll keep out the sound a bit, so i can CRANK up my amp a bit more!!!

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Old 2005-04-10, 10:12
h4x5k8's Avatar
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Location: Longmont, CO, USA
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hmm headphones, or some egg cartons shits, look on google or search its been brought up before
Old 2005-04-10, 17:14
ukfswmart's Avatar
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Originally Posted by h4x5k8
hmm headphones, or some egg cartons shits, look on google or search its been brought up before

Egg boxes only eliminate frequencies above 14KHz, so they're pretty useless for soundproofing anything

Why exactly do you want to soundproof your room? If you're still at home, the best option is headphones as h4x5k8 said. Having said that, playing guitar through your amp's headphone out always sounds shit
Old 2005-04-10, 17:34
Mordor's Avatar
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try putting carpets up, or maybe buy a shed and play in that (if ya have a garden)
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Old 2005-04-10, 19:43
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The cheapest way is to buy headphones and ear plugs for the rest of your family and tell them to fuck off and deal with it since you're the only one with a practical hobby and they're a bunch of whining little bitches...

Otherwise, check out this site for ideas:

Old 2005-04-12, 14:12
Six_Feet_Under_420's Avatar
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matrasses are good
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