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Old 2002-06-10, 18:02
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How was ozzfest for you?

I know most people say ozzfest this year wasnt that good, because of the whole pit thing the first 4000 people in. I mean that prety sucked because i wouldnt of payed money if i didnt know that i couldnt get to the front for slayer or cradle, but hey atleast they had the screens, i went into the signing tent, met otep, met american head charge they were pretty cool, even though they are classified as nu-metal, and the mud, well that was just funny!, Ozzy kicked ass, it was my first ozzfest, and well..i enjoyed it, for those who actually got into the pit right at the front of the main stage, please send me some feedback what was it like, did u throw a bottle of piss at lost prophets.. (that was my plan)...


roll-on ozzfest 2003!!!!!!!
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Old 2002-06-10, 20:04
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You guys can't set up a decent festival.
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Old 2002-08-02, 16:50
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I had fun at Ozzfest 2002. It was my first one. It was so fucking hot down here that I ended up getting sun poisoning but oh well. Seeing Otep and Meshuggah was totally worth it. Those were the best bands on the second stage. The first stage was pretty good except for my pounding headache thanks to Zakk Wylde's ten minute guitar solo. He rocks, but made my brain melt out my ears.

Blizzard Beast
Old 2002-08-27, 01:16
New Blood
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i had a good time. i went july 28. i got to see hatebreed, down, rob zombie, and ozzy...along with a lot of shitty bands. i met down and hatebreed. zombie played a couple white zombie songs, which was cool. and i smoked during ozzy, which made it even more fun. hatebreed had a badass pit, there was a bunch of dust being kicked up so all you were breathing was thick clouds of dust under a hot hot sun.

i had fun though.
Old 2002-09-02, 18:47
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Dude, it was my first ozzfest ever, and holy shit, it was AWESOME, god, I really liked alot of the bands on the second stage, i dont really care if there "nu-metal" or not, Ill nino kicked ass, Otep was cool, (got to meet them) hatebreed's pit was UGLY, Meshuggah had probably the best performance, (loved future breed machine) and down owned the stage, (got to meet them too) not only did i meet down, my cousin was wearing a black flag shirt, and pepper keenan is a really big fan of black flag and he called my cousin's and me over to SIT with down, i sat right next to Phil for 20-30 minutes until they were done, holy shit day of my life......(especially makin conversation with the drunk/stoned Phil!) missed most of the first stage (in line for down) but its ok, i didnt care about adema, pod, i did care that i missed the black label society, but yeah, we saw the end of rob zombie, which is cool cause i wanted to see rigg's "blood guitar" even though i didnt care to much to see rob zombie.......system, i think, wasnt that great live, i mean, they were ok, nothing special. and of course, ozzy was awesome, and the zakk wylde solo was awesome, but i still wish i could have gone to the uk ozzfest, i mean, slayer and cradle are like....two of my favorite bands! but oh well..... meshuggah kicked ass!!!!
Old 2002-09-06, 18:54
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holy shite... so you guys got to see Hatebreed?!?!

those guys are pretty cool, real tough guy hardcore, not really metalish though.. man, in Holland Ozzfest wasn't as cool as what you guys had over there I guess!

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